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Episode 100 - Stake Land and Birdemic 2

Amazingly enough, it's time for episode 100 of Failing Grade. This week, we thought we would each pick a movie that we've really been wanting to cover on the show. 

In Gabbie's pick, Stake Land, America has been overrun by primitive, animal-like vampires. And if that weren't trouble enough for those struggling to survive in this grim future, there's also a crazy cult that have decided that the vampires are doing God's work. What does it take to survive in such a bleak hellscape?

Speaking of hellscapes, Trevor's pick is the sequel to James Nguyen's cinematic masterpiece, Birdemic. In Birdemic 2, Bill is a struggling movie producer looking to make his breakthrough film. Fortunately his buddy Rod is around to give him $1 million in financing. Unfortunately, there may be another birdemic headed there way. Will this be another amazing piece of movie history?

Trevor and Gabbie also take some time to discuss some highlights of the show including some of their favorite films they have seen during the course of doing the show. 


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