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Episode 111 - The To Do List and Turks in Space

The year is 1993 and Brandy Clark has just graduated as class valedictorian. She's looking forward to higher education but is she really ready for the full university education? To find out, Trevor and Gabbie review The To Do List.

Then, for our bottom 100 film, it turns out they made a sequel to the legendary Turkish Star Wars. In Turks in Space Captain Kartel is continuing his unrelenting search for his lost protege, Gokmen, but his twin brother, Zaldabar (who doesn't even know he is Kartel's brother as the evil emperor Uga kidnapped Zaldabar as an infant and raised him as his own) is after Gokmen to for more nefarious reasons. How will this film compare to the other two Turkish comedies on the bottom 100 list? You'll have to listen to find out!

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