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Episode 113 - Timeline and Fat Slags

It's time once again for another movie about time-travel! This time around we have 2003's Timeline. When scientists accidentally discover a way to travel back in time to 1357 France, it's not long before they end up accidentally stranding a team of archaeologists there. Can they make it back to their own time? Will they alter the course of history? And do you really want to be making out with someone in the era before dental hygiene was really a thing? All these questions and more are answered in Timeline

If someone ever does invent a time-travel machine, they may well want to think about going back to 2004 and stopping this week's bottom 100 film, Fat Slags, from ever getting made. As you would expect there are a lot of bad films in the bottom 100 list but this is one that really earns its place. 

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