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Episode 114 - Attack of the Beast Creatures and The Final Sacrifice

We here at Failing Grade kind of like to think of ourselves as treasure hunters. Sometimes when you go digging for treasure, you can find gems and gold. But other times, you end up with some old tin cans and discarded candy bars wrappers. And this week's more of an old tin cans kind of week. 

First up, we have Attack of the Beast Creatures. In 1920 (for some reason) survivors of a shipwreck end up stranded on a mysterious island. On this island they found water that turns out to be acid, killer doll things and some really bad acting. Will anyone make it out alive? Will anyone care?

Then in our bottom 100 movie, Troy is trying to uncover the truth behind his father's death. But the mysterious cult that Troy's father was investigating would rather he not do so much uncovering. Fortunately for Troy he befriends a drifter by by the name of Zap Rowsdower and the two of them work to uncover secrets and stop the evil cult. Will they be able to stop The Final Sacrifice? This one's a true Canadian classic.

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