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Episode 117 - Drive Angry and From Justin to Kelly

This week we have a lot of fun with 2011's Drive Angry. When a crazy cult leader murders John Milton (Nicholas Cage)'s daughter and kidnaps his infant granddaughter, he does what any good dad would do - He escapes from hell and goes on a crusade to avenge his daughter and save his granddaughter. But not only does Milton have to deal with a bloodthirsty cult, he is also being tracked by The Accountant and he manages to run afoul of an entire police force. Good times are had by all. 

Then in our bottom 100 movie, it turns out that after the huge popularity of the first season of American Idol, it was decided to make a movie starring the season one winner (Kelly Clarkson) and the runner-up (Justin Guarini) despite the fact that neither of them can act. To compensate for this fact, they cast a bunch of other people who can't act and gave them the most formulaic romantic comedy plot possible. That's From Justin to Kelly for you. 

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