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In Hell Baby, Jack and Vanessa are building a life together. They are moving in to the new house they just bought, they are expecting their first child and generally things are looking up. Unfortunately the house they bought may be just the tiniest bit haunted. And before you know it, Vanessa is a little bit possessed by a demon. But the Vatican has sent some priests, Vanessa's sister is going to bless the house and their new neighbour F'resnel knows a lot about the history of their new home so maybe things will work out. Or maybe they won't. Trevor and Gabbie share their thoughts and let you know if this is one worth checking out. 

Then for our bottom 100 movie we have The Hillz. The fact that is unironically titled The Hillz should be enough to explain its presence on the bottom 100 list. In this one Steve 5 is back in town to try to hook up with the love of his life, Heather (played really badly by none other than Paris Hilton). But it turns out that while he was away his high school buddies Duff and T started a gang (called Merge or something) and unsurprisingly Steve 5 gets tangled up in their hijinks. This movie isn't so good. 

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