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Episode 119 - Reefer Madness and Troppo Belli

It's a double dose of madness this week. First, in Reefer Madness, we learn all about the dangers of the new drug that all the kids are talking about, "Marihuana." It turns out that the reefer is worse than opium, heroin or cocaine! Just one joint and you are soon on your way to violence, insanity and maybe even murder! But I'm sure things will turn out just fine for the Mary, Jimmy and Bill, right? Right? 

Then in our bottom 100 movie this week, it's a different kind of insanity with Troppo Belli (which, according to the internet, means "Too Beautiful"). Constantino and Daniele really want to make a go of it as actors but their agent is clearly scamming them. And to make matters worse, they are so hot that all the women they meet are about 2 seconds from going all Annie Wilkes on them. Woe is them!

Fun fact: Troppo Belli is an Italian film that hasn't been released in English and doesn't have any subtitles. And since neither Trevor nor Gabbie speak Italian, hilarity was bound to ensue!

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