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Episode 120 - Curse of Chucky and Zombie Nation

This week everyone's favorite killer doll is back on the scene with Curse of Chucky. The movie opens with a middle-age woman receiving an unexpected package containing the titular Chucky. Soon enough her family is gathered at the house to mourn her passing. Will her family meet the same fate? 

Then in our bottom 100 movie we have Ulli Lommel's Zombie Nation (and yes, that's the same Ulli Lommel behind previous bottom 100 movie, Curse of the Zodiac, which we covered in episode 91). A cop with some issues is on a murderous rampage but his precinct is made up of people who are too corrupt or too stupid to do anything about it. Fortunately, one of his victims had an enchantment done and soon she and the other victims are back as zombies (zombies that talk, eat normal food and have some black eye shadow). It's pretty terrible. 

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