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Episode 126 - Cherry 2000 and Ben and Arthur

Don't you just hate it when your robot girlfriend shorts out? According to Cherry 2000, that's the sort of problem we will all be dealing with in 2017. That's the dilemma the hero of the film faces. The good news is he is able to save Cherry's memories; the bad news is the only place he can get another Cherry 2000 chassis is in the remote Zone 7 that is ruled over by a crazed Tim Thomerson. But Sam is able to hire E Johnson, the best tracker in the business, to help him find his robo-love so maybe not all hope is lost. 

Then in our bottom 100 movie, Ben and Arthur just want to get married and live happily ever after. Unfortunately for them, Arthur's brother Victor is not only super homophobic but he also belongs to a church that apparently keeps a hitman on retainer. This one is really bad but in that Birdemic or The Room sort of way. 

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