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Episode 134 - Gremlins 2 and Heathers

We are kicking off our month-long post bottom 100 celebration in style this week with a couple of classic comedies from the late 80s/early 90s.

First up, Gizmo and friends are back in Gremlins 2. Billy and Gizmo are reunited and thanks to Gizmo's utter inability to follow instructions, there's soon another gremlin outbreak on hand. But this time, there's an ultra-modern building, a genetics lab and a musical number! 

Then it's Heathers. Veronica works very hard at being cool even though she doesn't exactly like her friends. But when she meets JD things take a more murder-y turn. Will Veronica go along with JD's sinister plans? Or will she decide there's more to life than murder? 

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