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Episode 137 - Star Trek 4 and Pompeii

This week circumstances got in the way and while we were still able to cover two movies the presentation is a bit different than our norm. 

First up, we have Star Trek 4. With the Earth's wracked by storms and power failures thanks to the arrival of a mysterious probe, Kirk and his crew realize that they only way they can hope to save the planet is by going back in time! And unfortunately for them, you need to go way faster than 88 MPH to get a Klingon Bird of Prey to do that. 

And getting to the 1980s is just the start, once they get there they have to overcome all sorts of obstacles while having a wacky adventure! Note: Gabbie didn't much care for this movie but she also thinks that Star Trek Nemesis is "awesome" so keep that in mind.

Then Gabbie took in Pompeii. There's slaves and gladiators, love and war all that stuff. I believe there may also be some sort of volcano involved as well. 

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