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Episode 151 - FanExpo 2014 Part 1

It's time for our yearly FanExpo wrap-up show. However, this year Trevor and Gabbie both managed to go for all 4 days of the event which meant we had a whole lot of stuff to talk about. As such, we are dividing our coverage up in two parts. This week will be covering the first 2 days of the event and next week we will cover the last 2 days.

In this week's show, you will find coverage of random stuff we found, as well as discussions of panels for Edward James Olmos, Adam West and Burt Ward and a Nightmare on Elm Street panel with Robert Englund and Heather Lankenkamp. 

If you weren't able to make it to FanExpo 2014, hopefully our recap will give you a good sense of the fun that was had. Enjoy!

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