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Episode 160 - Would You Rather and House on Haunted Hill

We have been dealing with a lot of horror lately so this week we thought we would shift gears and have a nice dinner party for everyone. First up, it's Would You Rather. Jeffrey Combs plays Shepard Lambrick and he's the head of the Lambrick Foundation. He's invited a bunch of strangers for a dinner party where they have a chance to have their problems solved. Of course, they may have to play a somewhat intense game of Would You Rather in order to win his help, but I'm sure it's all in good fun, right?

Then once we leave that party, we are off to the House on Haunted Hill where Dr. Loren (played by the one and only Vincent Price) and his wife are hosting another party for another group of strangers. This time, you only get a measly $10000, but you just have to stay in an old house for the night so how hard can that be?  

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