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Episode 161 - The Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe and White Comanche

This week on the show we are delving into a genre we haven't really touched on the show, the western. First up we have The Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe. This one is about a martial arts master coming from China to the Old West to fulfill his dream of being a cowboy. But then he learns that white people are terrible and he has to beat up a bunch of people who are trying to kill him with guns. 

After that, we take a look at the White Comanche. In this one we have twin brothers with mixed race parents. One of them, Johnny Moon, lives the cowboy lifestyle; the other, Notah Moon, smoked too much peyote and decided he was the messiah. The best part, both these characters are played by none other than William Shatner!

So why not join us as we explore these films?

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