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Episode 182 - A Little Bit Zombie and Dead Before Dawn 3D

This week on the show we've got more zombie-themed Canadian horror-comedies than you can shake a stick at (assuming you are able to, at most shake a stick at one zombie-themed Canadian horror-comedy). 

First up, we talk about A Little Bit Zombie. Steven and his fiance go on a nice weekend in the woods with Steven's sister and her husband. Things are mostly going well until Steven is bitten by a zombie mosquito. Soon he's finds himself with a hankering for brains and some surprising new abilities! What will happen to the wedding now? 

Then we talk about Dead Before Dawn 3D. When Casper's grandfather (played by Christopher Lloyd!) is going out of town; unfortunately that means Casper is going to have to mind grandfather's occult shop. And when Casper and his friends accidentally break an evil urn, they end up unleashing a horrific curse that sees a horde of zombie-demons (or zemons as they prefer to be called) on their trail. Can they break the curse before sunrise? 

Join us this week as we chow down on this two fun horror-comedies servings. 

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