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Sure Godzilla is all well and good, but is he a match for SpaceGodzilla? I don't think Godzilla Junior will be much help. And to make matters worse, Mothra is apparently on space vacation or something and can't be bothered to defend the Earth. At least Mothra sends along those weird twins to give advice to the psychic lady. Oh, yes, did we mention, there's also a telepathy sub-plot in this one. 

Also on the show, Trevor tackles #85 on the Bottom 100 IMDB list, 3 Ninjas - High Noon at Mega Mountain. What happens when you teach a bunch of kids martial arts and then make them fight evil ninjas lead by Loni Anderson and Jim Varney (yes, that Jim Varney)? Will even an assist from Hulk Hogan be enough to stop the Ernest now that he's gone to the dark side? 

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