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This week on the show we have a bit of an unintentional theme going as we have two different movies where animals are mixed with horrifying results. 

First up, it's 1993's Man's Best Friend starring Ally Sheedy, Lance Henriksen and an adorable dog named Max. Max is kind of like the Littlest Hobo in that he's a genetically-engineered super dog. Unlike the Littlest Hobo though Max has a slight tendency to brutally murder those who wrong him in some way. 

Then for our bottom 100 film, we have 1960's Horrors of Spider Island. A whole cast of incredibly useless people are marooned on a desert island. When one of those people is bitten by a giant spider he, of course, gains spider powers. But instead of being able to shoot webs and fly around New York City, he just gets a bad make-up job and some cheesy hands that only appear in close-up shots. 

So come join Trevor and Gabbie as they learn all about the dangers of mixing your animals!

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