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Sometimes things that seem awesome today don't seem so awesome tomorrow. This week's episode highlights that fact as Gabbie and Trevor talk about one of Gabbie's favorite movies, Soul Survivors. Just how well does this tale of car accidents, ghosts, random cultists and strange visions hold up? If you aren't sure, you can just go back to the start of this paragraph.

Then for #76 on the bottom 100 list, we have a movie from 1991 starring the timeless artist, Vanilla Ice. That's right, it's Cool As Ice. The movie is every bit as terrible and as amazing as you might expect. 

We then close out a show taking a look back at our first 25 bottom 100 movies - which movies did we kinda like, what ones were the most fun and which ones made us want to gouge our eyes out with rusty spoons? Some of the answers may surprise you!

PS - Long time listeners may recall that Trevor already tackled Cool as Ice way back in episode 16. But new listeners may want to check that episode out after this one just to get a full picture of just how bizarre Cool as Ice really is.

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