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This week on the show, Trevor and Gabbie kick off a whole month of Tales from the Crypt episodes. For each week in October, they will be selecting two random episodes of Tales from the Crypt to discuss on the show. This week, that means they will be covering two season 6 episodes, The Bribe and In the Groove. The episodes feature lots of well-known faces: Terry O'Quinn, Esai Morales, Slash, Max Grodénchik and more. It'll be a scream!

There's even more screams in store for our bottom 100 film, Mitchell. Trevor and Gabbie often disagree on whether a movie belongs in the bottom 100 or not, but not even John Saxon was enough to save this dreck. To learn all about how Mitchell earns its spot on the bottom 100 list, check out this week's episode!

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