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We're back for another round of Tales from the Crypt with "Fitting Punishment" and "The New Arrival." Our first episode, "Fitting Punishment" features a teenager being sent to live with his uncle, the world's stingiest funeral home director. Wacky hijinx ensue!

Then the second episode, "The New Arrival," has David Warner and Twiggy taking their radio psychology show on the road. They'll be paying a housecall to Zelda Rubenstein of Poltergeist fame to help deal with an unruly child. Given that this is Tales from the Crypt you won't be surprised to know that everything is not quite what it seems!

And for our bottom 100 movie, what if babies not only understood all languages and had their own secret language but they also had knowledge of the universe? A ridicioulsly terrible premise for a movie you say? What if I told you it also featured a somewhat prominent role for Christopher Lloyd? Sadly, not even Christopher Lloyd can save a premise this terrible. Do your best to endure the horror that is Baby Geniuses

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