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Episode 60 - Drive Thru and Car 54, Where Are You?

Meet Horny the Clown. He's just like Ronald McDonald - they both are beloved clown mascots that represent a popular fast food restaurant. Really the only difference is that Ronald McDonald is slightly less bloodthirsty.  Oh, and Horny is the villain in a movie called Drive Thru starring Leighton Meister of Gossip Girl fame.

Then it's off to hunt down Car 54 for the Bottom 100 film of the week.. If the theme song is any indication, this is one elusive car! But really it's a buddy cop 90s comedy that is also a remake of a 1960s TV series. And its cast includes Fran Drescher and Rosie O'Donnell. Surprisingly it may not be as bad as a lot of the other films we have covered for the Bottom 100 segment. 

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