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Episode 62 - Santa Slays and Santa with Muscles

Ah, Christmas. The time of year when people put aside their petty grievances and turn to the nearest wrestler to provide them with holiday themed entertainment. We open this week with a discussion of 2005's Santa's Slay. It turns out that Santa (as played by Bill Goldberg) was actually the son of Satan and has only been bringing us presents for the past 1000 years on account of a lost bet. Well all bets are off now and Santa's returning to his murderous ways.

Next up, we have our bottom 100 film, 1996's Santa with Muscles. In this movie, Hulk Hogan plays a egotistical body-building millionaire obsessed with self-promotion (what a stretch!). But then after an unfortunate bout of movie amnesia, he ends up thinking he's actually Santa. And then he has to go help some orphans (including a very young Mila Kunis) because that's what Santa does, I guess. 

So grab some egg nog and settle down for some holiday cheer? 

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