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It will take more than being in different provinces to keep us from putting out another exciting Christmas episode for you to enjoy!

This week, we kick things off with Black Christmas. Sadly, it's not the 1974 classic but rather than 2006 remake. While the remake is nowhere near as iconic as the original film, it's still a decent slasher flick and a worthy addition to any holiday lineup. 

The true fun begins though, with our Bottom 100 movie, which happens to be none other than the 1959 Mexican classic, Santa Claus. In this tale, Santa lives in a castle in the sky (in heaven!) with Merlin, a burly blacksmith, and a bunch of slave children as he works tirelessly to produce toys for the children of Earth. Okay, he doesn't really do any of the work, but he does play the organ while making the children build toys for him. And he takes breaks to spy on children, even going inside their dreams!

This Christmas though, Santa has an extra challenge to deal with as Lucifer has sent one of his devils, Pitch, to thwart Santa. He may even try to leave Santa trapped on Earth where he will surely starve as he cannot eat what we call food. In his homeland of Heaven they only eat pastries and ice cream made from clouds and very few foodstuffs on Earth are made of clouds. 

It's a truly bizarre experience that will teach you the true meaning of Christmas. And since it's public domain, why not check out the whole film on YouTube

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