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Episode 69 - The House at the End of the Street and Eegah

You know how whenever you move into a new house, there's always that one creepy house at the end of the street owned by that guy nobody likes? And how it always turns out that he's got his supposedly dead sister hidden in the basement for safekeeping? Well, that's what happens in House at the End of the Street as Elissa and her mom, Sarah, (played by Jennifer Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue respectively) get to be the new neighbors and Ryan (played by Max Thierot) gets to be the guy nobody likes. You just know it's a sure-fire recipe for wacky hi-jinx!

Then in our bottom 100 film, we have Eegah! Did you know that giants once walked the earth? It says so right in the Bible! And that's all the justification this movie needs to focus its film on the last giant left. A caveman played by the impressively gigantic Richard Kiel (who would later become much better known as Jaws in a couple of James Bond films). Richard Kiel plays Eeegah and he mostly lives alone when he's not busy kidnapping a elderly man and his attractive daughter. This film doubles as a promotional vehicle for the singing sensation, Arch Hall Jr. so you can be sure we'll get the occasional musical performance to break up all the kidnapping and inappropriate behavior. 

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