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Episode 72 - Deep Impact and Son of the Mask

This week, the earth is in grave danger as a truly horrific fate is unleashed upon humanity. But enough about Son of the Mask. First up, we have Deep Impact: A young Frodo spots a comet and it is up to President Morgran Freeman to calm the American people and spearhead the effort to save the human race. 

Then it's on to the aforementioned Son of the Mask. Truly this is an inspired idea for a film. First off, none of the cast from the first movie has anything to do with this movie other than a brief appearance by creationist superstar and all-around moron Ben Stein. Then they decide, hey, what if someone wearing The Mask had sex and knocked someone up? And then the baby had the same powers as The Mask? How can that not be comedy gold? 

Tune in to hear Trevor's thoughts on why Deep Impact is worth watching, Gabbie's attempts to sort of defend Armageddon and share Gabbie and Trevor's pain as they discuss Son of the Mask

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