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The horror comedy is always a bit of a tricky balancing act. Very few movies manage to strike the right balance of horror and comedy and it's quite often that the movie will fail to be all that scary or all that funny. Dead & Breakfast is a little light on the horror (though it does have some nice practical effects gore) but it is pretty funny and its got an a interesting voodoo-like take on its zombies that makes for good watching. Trevor and Gabbie will tell you all about it.

Then, with our bottom 100 movie, we learn that being a Pumaman gives you all sorts of puma-like powers. Powers like super strength, seeing in the dark, a danger sense, entering a pseudo-death state, flying through the air and teleporting to any location you have been to before. Truly the puma is one of nature's greatest creatures. This week, we will tell you all about the wonderfully awful Pumaman featuring none other than Donald Pleasence!

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