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Episode 81 - Freak Dance and Boggy Creek 2: And the Legend Continues

We go a bit outside of our usual wheelhouse this week with 2010's Freak Dance. Cocolonia has wanted to be a dancer all her life and when she finally gets her chance and joins Fantaseez, the nefarious building inspector general shows up and threatens to shut them down! Will they be able to pay off the fines in time? There just so happens to be a big dance contest coming up! Unfortunately, Dazzle and his army of private dancers could stand in their way!

Then for our bottom 100 movie, it's Boggy Creek 2: And the Legend Continues. Professor Lockhart takes two of his best students, and one of their friends, with him to Boggy Creek in an effort to find the Boggy Creek Creature. That's right, it's a Bigfoot movie! Will the Professor succeed in his quest? Or will they have to make due with meeting creepy Old Man Crenshaw?

Also, there's some talk about the Evil Dead remake!

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