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Episode 83 - Dawn of the Dragonslayer and The Blade Master

This week, we kick things off with the fantasy adventure, Dawn of the Dragonslayer. After Will and his father learn a valuable lesson about not stealing dragon eggs, Will gets to go live with a cantankerous baron and his rambunctious daughter. Wackiness ensues! We also learn way too much about Gabbie's leprechaun fetish.

Then it's time for our bottom 100 movie, Ator the Invincible 2/Cave Dwellers/The Blade Master/etc. In this film, Ator the world's greatest hero/scientist/guy in a loincloth, is tasked with defeating the evil Zor and his crazy hat. Fortunately, Ator has his trusty sidekick, Thong, a couple big-ass swords, a freaking hang glider and the most important weapon of all... science!

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