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Episode 85 - Remains and Keloglan vs. The Black Prince

This week on the show we kick things off with 2011's Remains. In some ways, it's your typical post-apocalyptic zombie movie, but it also brings along a few interesting twists on the typical format (along with some not so interesting moments).

Then, things really get going with our bottom 100 movie, Keloglan vs. The Black Prince. Have you ever found yourself thinking, "Boy, I really love those horrible movie movies (like Scary Movie and Epic Movie) but I wonder what it would be like if there was a Turkish version. And what if it mainly dealt with fairy tales?" If you have thought that, you are a very strange individual. On the bright side, but I am happy to say that Keloglan vs. The Black Prince has got you covered. And it's not nearly as terrible as you might think!

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