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Episode 91 - My Stepmother Is an Alien and Zodiac Killer

Going back to a movie you loved as a child is always a risky proposition. Sometimes you find the movie holds up or even works on levels you didn't think of, and other times nostalgia is enough to carry the movie and help you to overlook its flaws. But all too often that movie that you thought was so great turns out to be kind of terrible. With that said, this week Trevor and Gabbie take a look at a childhood favorite of Gabbie's, My Stepmother Is an Alien. Things don't go so well.

Then for the bottom 100 movie, Trevor and Gabbie review the offensive and insane Zodiac Killer. It's got serial killers, senior abuse, bizarre cults and, oh yeah, real pictures of actual murder scenes and their aftermath. Thanks for that Ulli Lommel. 

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