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Episode 97 - City of the Dead and Who's Your Caddy?

We kick things off this week with 1960's City of the Dead. In this movie we learn, yet again, why you should never, ever trust Christopher Lee. He's Nan Barlowe's professor and when she's looking to really get some hands on experience for her term paper in witchcraft, he just happens to know the perfect place she should go. What could possibly go wrong? 

The in the bottom 100 film, poor Jeffery Jones. It's bad enough that he kept getting one-upped by Ferris Bueller, but now he's stuck as the villain of Who's Your Caddy? Christopher "C-Note" Hawkins is anxious to join an exclusive golf club, but unfortunately they're all a bunch of racists. On the bright side, he has Uncle Phil in his corner!

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