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This week Gabbie and Trevor take a trip to the Grand Canyon to with 2009's The Canyon. Will they survive the journey? Take a listen to find out!

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It's another trip back to the low budget 90s computer horror comedy this week with 1993's Arcade

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As promised, we've got something a little different this week. Instead of tackling a single movie, we actually watched the entire Left Behind Trilogy for this week's show. And to make it more of a challenge we decided to watch the entire trilogy in a single evening and record our thoughts immediately after each of the 3 films. 

To assist Trevor in this undertaking, two special guest stars make their first appearance on the podcast, Dave and Matt. 

Will the three of them be able to withstand the horror of not one, but three poorly-made, preachy films in a single night? Or will they abandon the sinful nature of podcasting and devote themselves to the nearest evangelical church?

You'll have to listen to find out!

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Oh, is there anything in movies that gets dated more quickly than a computer? Not even the cellphone can match the antiquated factor from seeing an old computer in action. So anytime a movie makes the computer a core story element, you know it's going to seem dated. 

Dated or no, Brainscan is a heck of a ride. So pull up a chair as Trevor and Gabbie disect this 1994 film. It's the ultimate in terror!

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