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We are more than a little behind with this week's episode but we've got a really fun movie to talk about, 2007's Dark Rising

Also listen for special appearances from Luna (we tried to cut her out but she was quite chatty this week and there were a few meows that just couldn't be edited out). 

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The one lesson everyone learned from Titanic (both the boat and the James Cameron film) is that we certainly don't need another one. 

Unfortunately, the good people at Aslyum Entertainment didn't get the memo and as a result, we've got today's entry, Titanic 2

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Gabbie's out of town this week so that means it's time for our much-anticipated (by Trevor) second episode devoted to the Recon trilogy of films.

Last time there were wacky misadventures with werewolves, vampires, and zombies (oh my!) on Caprini. This time there's a mission to blow an alien base on Mezzo. What sort of difficulties are in store for the 34th this time around? 

Listen in to find out!

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