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Summer time sure is hot, isn't it? So what could be better than some winter and/or cold themed films to help you beat the heat? First up, we've got 7 Below. Unfortuantely, despite what you might think, the title isn't a temperature reference so such much for that idea. But it does have Val Kilmer, Ving Rhames and a bunch of other somewhat less well known actors in a haunted house during a big-ass thunderstorm so that's not so bad is it? Or maybe it is? You'll have to listen to the episode to find out.

Well, the next movie is our bottom 100 movie, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. With Santa in the title, you know you are in for some cold weather. And there are a couple scenes set in the North Pole. That's cold. As is the vacuum of space. The majority of the movie takes place on Mars though which isn't really known for it's cold weather. But we do get to see the martians learn about the magic of Santa. And that's pretty keen too, right? Right? 

Fine, I'll be in my trailer. 

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This week Trevor and Gabbie thought they would take a nice stroll through the forest. The only problem is, it turns out this forest is a Forest of Death! This 2007 Hong Kong film has telepathic trees and a rash of suicides but (fortunately) is nowhere near as bad as The Happening.

You can check out a trailer for the film here:

Then for the Bottom 100 film this week, the gang takes a look at the inaccurately named Seven Mummies from 2006. This horror film has appearances by the likes of Danny Trejo and Billy Drago so can it really be all that bad? You might be surprised to find out that Trevor and Gabbie disagree on that one (Bonus point to our listeners if you can guess who comes down on which side of the arguments). 

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This week Trevor and Gabbie discuss a much anticipated film, Troll 2! Really, there is no way that mere mortals can hope to summarize the awesomeness that is Troll 2, but Trevor and Gabbie give it their best shot. 

And what better way to further the Troll 2 love than with a discussion of the Michael Stephenson's documentary about the iconic film, Best Worst Movie

So make yourself a double-decker balogna sandwich and prepare for this week's episode!

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This week, our feature film is 2010's White Wall. It's an interesting blend of post-apocalyptic sci-fi, action and even some noir. Both Trevor and Gabbie agree the trailer really gets you interested in the movie. But does a good trailer equal a good movie? The crew has mixed opinions on that one.

We also continue on our IMDB Bottom 100 trek with #84 on the list, In the Mix. It's a romantic comedy/crime drama starring Usher as a DJ who ends up working as a bodyguard. Is it as bad as that description would have you believe? Or is this another case of an undeserving movie getting a spot on the bottom 100 list? 

Also, will Trevor and Gabbie actually agree on something? Who knows?

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A bit of a different show this week as Trevor and Gabbie give a recap of the 6th Shock and Awe that recently took place.

What's Shock and Awe you might ask? It's an all night movie marathon featuring a collection of obscure films (mostly from the 70s and 80s) and headlined by a more promiently known cult classic. It's also a hell of a lot of fun.

To hear all about the latest Shock and Awe event, just download this week's episode!

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