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This week we bring an end to our Tales from the Crypt month with another fun double-bill. First it's Television Terror starring a less well-known Downey Jr as a tabloid TV host doing the whole ghost-hunting thing. That's followed by As Ye Sow, a tale about a man who is worried his much younger wife is cheating on him. The best thing about that one, not only is the lead character named Mr. Burns, but the episode also features an appearance by the world's greatest detective, Adam West!

After the fun times with Tales from the Crypt, it's time to bring on the pain with #70 on the Bottom 100 list. The film was created by and stars nobody you've ever heard of, is almost entirely unscripted and is called Anus Magillicutty. You had better believe there is going to be pain! Even the cenobites would probably think it's a bit much. 

So listen to this week's episode, if ye dare!

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We're back for another round of Tales from the Crypt with "Fitting Punishment" and "The New Arrival." Our first episode, "Fitting Punishment" features a teenager being sent to live with his uncle, the world's stingiest funeral home director. Wacky hijinx ensue!

Then the second episode, "The New Arrival," has David Warner and Twiggy taking their radio psychology show on the road. They'll be paying a housecall to Zelda Rubenstein of Poltergeist fame to help deal with an unruly child. Given that this is Tales from the Crypt you won't be surprised to know that everything is not quite what it seems!

And for our bottom 100 movie, what if babies not only understood all languages and had their own secret language but they also had knowledge of the universe? A ridicioulsly terrible premise for a movie you say? What if I told you it also featured a somewhat prominent role for Christopher Lloyd? Sadly, not even Christopher Lloyd can save a premise this terrible. Do your best to endure the horror that is Baby Geniuses

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This week the Halloween season continues with two more episodes of Tales from the Crypt. One episode stars Lance Henriksen and the other is called Operation Friendship! It's a killer combination!

Then in the Bottom 100 movie, we try to recover from the ordeal that was Mitchell with 2007's Feel the Noise. Have you ever thought you had what it takes to become a reggaeton artist? Then this is the film for you!

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This week on the show, Trevor and Gabbie kick off a whole month of Tales from the Crypt episodes. For each week in October, they will be selecting two random episodes of Tales from the Crypt to discuss on the show. This week, that means they will be covering two season 6 episodes, The Bribe and In the Groove. The episodes feature lots of well-known faces: Terry O'Quinn, Esai Morales, Slash, Max Grodénchik and more. It'll be a scream!

There's even more screams in store for our bottom 100 film, Mitchell. Trevor and Gabbie often disagree on whether a movie belongs in the bottom 100 or not, but not even John Saxon was enough to save this dreck. To learn all about how Mitchell earns its spot on the bottom 100 list, check out this week's episode!

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