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Episode 72 - Deep Impact and Son of the Mask

This week, the earth is in grave danger as a truly horrific fate is unleashed upon humanity. But enough about Son of the Mask. First up, we have Deep Impact: A young Frodo spots a comet and it is up to President Morgran Freeman to calm the American people and spearhead the effort to save the human race. 

Then it's on to the aforementioned Son of the Mask. Truly this is an inspired idea for a film. First off, none of the cast from the first movie has anything to do with this movie other than a brief appearance by creationist superstar and all-around moron Ben Stein. Then they decide, hey, what if someone wearing The Mask had sex and knocked someone up? And then the baby had the same powers as The Mask? How can that not be comedy gold? 

Tune in to hear Trevor's thoughts on why Deep Impact is worth watching, Gabbie's attempts to sort of defend Armageddon and share Gabbie and Trevor's pain as they discuss Son of the Mask

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Episode 71 - Time Chasers

This week we delve into the bottom 100 movie, Time Chasers. When our hero, Nick Miller, invents a flying time machine he immediately sells the invention to Gencorp, a definitely not evil corporation, because hey, what could go wrong? But then, shockingly, it turns out that something does go wrong and Gencorp breaks the future so now it's up to Nick, a reporter, and Nick's trusty bicycle to save the future. 

We then round out the episode with discussion on a couple of recent theatrical releases, Hansel and Gretel and Warm Bodies

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Episode 70 - The Land Unknown

With Gabbie away and Trevor under the weather, it's a shorter than usual episode this week. Still we do get to have a romp in that long lost tropical paradise, Antarctica. A naval expedition crash lands in a hidden valley that has been isolated from the rest of the world and is somehow still in the Mesozoic era. Also, it's the 50s so you know what that means! That's right, it means awkward dinosaur costumes, clumsy mechanical dinosaurs and, of course, real lizards posing as dinosaurs while being forced to fight each other (no "no animals were harmed in the making of this film disclaimer for them)!

It's cheesy, but it's mostly good fun so why not enjoy our discussion of The Land Unknown.

And when you are done listening, why not head over to YouTube and watch the film yourself

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Episode 69 - The House at the End of the Street and Eegah

You know how whenever you move into a new house, there's always that one creepy house at the end of the street owned by that guy nobody likes? And how it always turns out that he's got his supposedly dead sister hidden in the basement for safekeeping? Well, that's what happens in House at the End of the Street as Elissa and her mom, Sarah, (played by Jennifer Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue respectively) get to be the new neighbors and Ryan (played by Max Thierot) gets to be the guy nobody likes. You just know it's a sure-fire recipe for wacky hi-jinx!

Then in our bottom 100 film, we have Eegah! Did you know that giants once walked the earth? It says so right in the Bible! And that's all the justification this movie needs to focus its film on the last giant left. A caveman played by the impressively gigantic Richard Kiel (who would later become much better known as Jaws in a couple of James Bond films). Richard Kiel plays Eeegah and he mostly lives alone when he's not busy kidnapping a elderly man and his attractive daughter. This film doubles as a promotional vehicle for the singing sensation, Arch Hall Jr. so you can be sure we'll get the occasional musical performance to break up all the kidnapping and inappropriate behavior. 

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