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Episode 94 - Grimm's Snow White and Robo Vampire

It's knock-off week on Failing Grade. Why watch a movie when you can watch a movie made to cash in on the success of that movie? 

First up, it's an Asylum film, Grimm's Snow White, made to cash in on theatrical releases of not one, but two Snow White movies in 2012. On the upside, this movie has a whole new take on the Snow White story with elves, beasts, magic and more. It's not a great movie, but it's a fun romp. 

Then we have a movie made to cash-in on the popularity of Robocop. It's Robo Vampire! This movie is extremely low budget and very bizarre. It also is actually two unrelated movies edited in to one. A memorable viewing experience if there ever was one!

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Episode 93 - Doomsday Book and a Trip to the Cinema

Stories abound this week on the show. We open up with the South Korean anthology film, Doomsday Book. The first story tells you how a rotten apple can lead to a zombie apocalypse. In the second story, a robot becomes self-aware in a Buddhist monastery. And in the third story, we learn all about the dangers of ordering things on the internet (in a much more amusing way than that might sound). 

Then Trevor recaps some recent trips to the cinema and gives his impressions on Man of Steel, World War Z and Much Ado About Nothing.

Plus some bonus complaining about moochers!

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Episode 92 - Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter and The Gate

When a horde of vampires descend upon Ottawa and start feasting on the local lesbian population, who are you going to call to stop the vampires and save the day? Buffy? Blade? Peter Cushing? I suppose those would be okay choices, but none of them can hold a candle to Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. You better believe Trevor is going to be on board for this!

Then in a lost segment, Gabbie revisits another childhood favorite, The Gate. Will The Gate prove to be another disappointment like My Stepmother is an Alien? Or is this one trip to hell that is worth taking?

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Episode 91 - My Stepmother Is an Alien and Zodiac Killer

Going back to a movie you loved as a child is always a risky proposition. Sometimes you find the movie holds up or even works on levels you didn't think of, and other times nostalgia is enough to carry the movie and help you to overlook its flaws. But all too often that movie that you thought was so great turns out to be kind of terrible. With that said, this week Trevor and Gabbie take a look at a childhood favorite of Gabbie's, My Stepmother Is an Alien. Things don't go so well.

Then for the bottom 100 movie, Trevor and Gabbie review the offensive and insane Zodiac Killer. It's got serial killers, senior abuse, bizarre cults and, oh yeah, real pictures of actual murder scenes and their aftermath. Thanks for that Ulli Lommel. 

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