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Episode 107 - Silver Bullet and Hobgoblins

We continue the Halloween theme (at least tangentially) this week with Stephen King's Silver Bullet. When a werewolf starts to terrorize your town, who are you going to turn to? Why none other than Corey Haim and Gary Busey, of course!

Then in our bottom 100 movie, we talk about a gremlins rip-off that is much-beloved by many bad movies fans. That's right, it's Hobgoblins

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Episode 106 - Pumpkinhead and The Apocalypse

Halloween is getting closer and to celebrate that fact, this week we are reviewing Pumpkinhead. When Ed Harley's (played by none other than Lance Henriksen) son is killed by a drunken teen, he turns to blood vengeance. But does getting demonic assistance ever turn out for the best? We will find out.

Then in the bottom 100 movie, a giant asteroid is on its way and poised to wipe out all life on Earth. Apparently it's also Rapture time! That's The Apocalypse for you!

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Episode 105 - Children of the Corn 3 and Pod People

This week we resume our journey though the Children of the Corn franchise with Children of the Corn 3: Urban Harvest. After the not-so-disappearance of their father, Joshua and Eli leave Gatlin and meet their adopted parents in the big city. Can Joshua learn to fit in? Will Eli continue his sinister corn experiments? 

Then for our bottom 100 movie, we have a horrible ET rip-off, Pod People. Poachers find some alien eggs, a mediocre band goes on a camping trip and a little boy befriends a baby alien. Wackiness ensues!

All that and a bit more, this week on Failing Grade. 

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Episode 104 - Shock and Awe 7

Scheduling conflicts kind of mess up the original plan for this week's episode, but on the upside, that means it's our second Shock and Awe recap episode. Shock and Awe is a really fun event covering a wide assortment of films. There's something for everyone (as long as everyone includes only people who enjoy the obscure, the low-budget, the bizarre and sometimes the terrible). In this epsiode, we talk about a fun spaghetti western, a not-so-fun Jack the Ripper film, a bizarre ET rip-off and more!

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