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Episode 116 - 4 More Movies for 2013

It's the end of another year and that means it's time for our 2nd annual "4 more movies for 201x" episode. This year, there's pretty much something for everyone. Gabbie tackles some more mainstream fare with two very different films, Lovelace and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Trevor sticks with the more TV movie side of things with Battledogs and The Dinosaur Project. Not all of these movies are good, but if you are a listener to this podcast, probably at least one of them will appeal to you.

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Episode 115 - Silent Night Deadly Night and ZaAt.mp3

The holiday season is here and that means it's time for another Christmas-themed episode of Failing Grade. For our main feature we have Silent Night, Deadly Night. Christmas is a fun time of year for many but after his parents are brutally murdered by a guy dressed as Santa little Billy just doesn't seem to have the Christmas spirit. When little Billy grows up and is forced to play Santa at the store he works at, you just know things aren't going to end well for anyone. 

Sadly we used up all the Bottom 100 movies about Christmas already but that's not going to stop us from delving into ZaAt (also known as The Blood Waters of Dr. Z). Dr. Leopold dreams of remaking the world as a better place. How is he going to do that, you ask? Why by turning himself into a man/fish hybrid, mutating some walking catfish and overthrowing mankind, of course! What could be simpler? 

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Episode 114 - Attack of the Beast Creatures and The Final Sacrifice

We here at Failing Grade kind of like to think of ourselves as treasure hunters. Sometimes when you go digging for treasure, you can find gems and gold. But other times, you end up with some old tin cans and discarded candy bars wrappers. And this week's more of an old tin cans kind of week. 

First up, we have Attack of the Beast Creatures. In 1920 (for some reason) survivors of a shipwreck end up stranded on a mysterious island. On this island they found water that turns out to be acid, killer doll things and some really bad acting. Will anyone make it out alive? Will anyone care?

Then in our bottom 100 movie, Troy is trying to uncover the truth behind his father's death. But the mysterious cult that Troy's father was investigating would rather he not do so much uncovering. Fortunately for Troy he befriends a drifter by by the name of Zap Rowsdower and the two of them work to uncover secrets and stop the evil cult. Will they be able to stop The Final Sacrifice? This one's a true Canadian classic.

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Friday the 13th - Number Two

It's another Friday the 13th and you know what that means. That's right, it's time for another Friday the 13th movie! This time our Trevor and Gabbie tackle the second film in the franchise as Jason looks to follow in his mother's murderous footsteps.

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Episode 113 - Timeline and Fat Slags

It's time once again for another movie about time-travel! This time around we have 2003's Timeline. When scientists accidentally discover a way to travel back in time to 1357 France, it's not long before they end up accidentally stranding a team of archaeologists there. Can they make it back to their own time? Will they alter the course of history? And do you really want to be making out with someone in the era before dental hygiene was really a thing? All these questions and more are answered in Timeline

If someone ever does invent a time-travel machine, they may well want to think about going back to 2004 and stopping this week's bottom 100 film, Fat Slags, from ever getting made. As you would expect there are a lot of bad films in the bottom 100 list but this is one that really earns its place. 

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Episode 112 - City Under Siege and The Beast of Yucca Flats.mp3

In main film this week is a cheesy Hong Kong action film called City Under Siege. Sunny's dream is to be the Flying Dagger, just like his father! Sadly, his knife-skills are somewhat lacking so he's forced to work as a clown in his uncle's circus. But when Sunny and some of the other circus performers get dosed with some leftover experimental chemicals from World War 2, suddenly everyone's got super powers (and some less desirable side-effects). While the others use their new found powers to embark on a life of crime, Sunny realizes he can finally be the hero he's always wanted to be. 

Then in our bottom 100 film, it's The Beast of Yucca Flats. Tor Johnson is an defecting Russian scientist but while escaping some Kremlin baddies he ends up being accidentally exposed to a nuclear blast. Sadly he doesn't really get any cool superpowers (unless you count mild special effects make-up as a power) but it does turn him into a mindless beast so that's something. This movie also features some of the best narration known to humanity. Truly a film for the ages. 

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