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Episode 120 - Curse of Chucky and Zombie Nation

This week everyone's favorite killer doll is back on the scene with Curse of Chucky. The movie opens with a middle-age woman receiving an unexpected package containing the titular Chucky. Soon enough her family is gathered at the house to mourn her passing. Will her family meet the same fate? 

Then in our bottom 100 movie we have Ulli Lommel's Zombie Nation (and yes, that's the same Ulli Lommel behind previous bottom 100 movie, Curse of the Zodiac, which we covered in episode 91). A cop with some issues is on a murderous rampage but his precinct is made up of people who are too corrupt or too stupid to do anything about it. Fortunately, one of his victims had an enchantment done and soon she and the other victims are back as zombies (zombies that talk, eat normal food and have some black eye shadow). It's pretty terrible. 

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Episode 119 - Reefer Madness and Troppo Belli

It's a double dose of madness this week. First, in Reefer Madness, we learn all about the dangers of the new drug that all the kids are talking about, "Marihuana." It turns out that the reefer is worse than opium, heroin or cocaine! Just one joint and you are soon on your way to violence, insanity and maybe even murder! But I'm sure things will turn out just fine for the Mary, Jimmy and Bill, right? Right? 

Then in our bottom 100 movie this week, it's a different kind of insanity with Troppo Belli (which, according to the internet, means "Too Beautiful"). Constantino and Daniele really want to make a go of it as actors but their agent is clearly scamming them. And to make matters worse, they are so hot that all the women they meet are about 2 seconds from going all Annie Wilkes on them. Woe is them!

Fun fact: Troppo Belli is an Italian film that hasn't been released in English and doesn't have any subtitles. And since neither Trevor nor Gabbie speak Italian, hilarity was bound to ensue!

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Do What We Say - Moralizing in Films

Almost as long as there have been films, there has been moralizing in films. Heck, the entire Hays Code was pretty much created to make sure that everything happened the way was “supposed to.” There were lots of things that just straight-up weren't allowed and of the things that were allowed any actions that were deemed to be sinful or illegal had to be appropriately punished by the end of the movie. But some movies take this a step further and base their entire movie around openly teaching some moral lesson.

You can look at films like I Accuse My Parents or Reefer Madness (a film we will be covering in episode 119) and there’s no question that the movie exists for the sole purpose of teaching viewers a lesson. Educational shorts, religious films and kid’s shows often delve into this territory as well. Ironically though it seems like the more you focus on trying to force a message, the less likely your audience is to be receptive to it. You might satisfy people who agree with you already, but you are very unlikely to change anyone’s mind.

As someone who enjoys badly made movies, I have seen quite a few educational shorts and religious films over the years that are determined to teach a lesson. Rarely do they succeed in actually getting their message across.

Offhand I can think of only one religious film and one educational short that I thought were somewhat effective. For the educational short, it was a bizarre short from the 1970s called Drugs are Like That. This is a truly weird short that talks about how drugs are like not stepping on the lines on the sidewalk and jumping from a rope into a lake all while these two little kids build something out of Lego. Despite being hilariously strange, I thought it was actually more honest than most anti-drug shorts. It talks (in metaphor) about how sometimes drugs can be really fun, but that if you aren’t careful you can end up in terrible situation.

As for the religious film, Christmas with a Capital C also earns some respect from me. While the trailer makes it look like an over-the-top Christians good, atheists bad type situation, it actually produces a much more nuanced message. Yes it talks about how some atheists can be really anti-Christmas but it also shows that some Christians can get carried away and start using Christmas to attack people. Plus by the end of the movie you learn that atheists can be good people and even help celebrate Christmas if they want without giving up their atheism.

In both these cases we get a more balanced approach. Not only are you more likely to sway people’s opinion when they don’t feel like you are shoving your opinion down their throats but these movies even contain stuff for people who already think drugs are bad or that Christmas is good to think about.

Of course, if it weren’t for the wrong-headed approaches we would have missed out on so many classic So Bad, It’s Good movies and shorts so it’s not all bad. But if your mission is to convince people, balance (or at least the appearance of balance) seems to be key. 

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Episode 118 - Hell Baby and The Hillz.mp3

In Hell Baby, Jack and Vanessa are building a life together. They are moving in to the new house they just bought, they are expecting their first child and generally things are looking up. Unfortunately the house they bought may be just the tiniest bit haunted. And before you know it, Vanessa is a little bit possessed by a demon. But the Vatican has sent some priests, Vanessa's sister is going to bless the house and their new neighbour F'resnel knows a lot about the history of their new home so maybe things will work out. Or maybe they won't. Trevor and Gabbie share their thoughts and let you know if this is one worth checking out. 

Then for our bottom 100 movie we have The Hillz. The fact that is unironically titled The Hillz should be enough to explain its presence on the bottom 100 list. In this one Steve 5 is back in town to try to hook up with the love of his life, Heather (played really badly by none other than Paris Hilton). But it turns out that while he was away his high school buddies Duff and T started a gang (called Merge or something) and unsurprisingly Steve 5 gets tangled up in their hijinks. This movie isn't so good. 

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Setting the Mood for Episode 118

Episode 118 is fast approaching. With that in mind, here's a short movie in a similar vein, The House that Drips Blood on Alex!

If you are wondering whether it is worth watching or not, it stars Tommy Wiseau. Whether that makes you more or less likely to watch is up to you I guess. 

The House That Drips Blood On Alex from Dos Rios on Vimeo.

PS - And no, we aren't going to be covering The Room in episode 118. It'll probably be on the show sooner or later though. 

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Episode 117 - Drive Angry and From Justin to Kelly

This week we have a lot of fun with 2011's Drive Angry. When a crazy cult leader murders John Milton (Nicholas Cage)'s daughter and kidnaps his infant granddaughter, he does what any good dad would do - He escapes from hell and goes on a crusade to avenge his daughter and save his granddaughter. But not only does Milton have to deal with a bloodthirsty cult, he is also being tracked by The Accountant and he manages to run afoul of an entire police force. Good times are had by all. 

Then in our bottom 100 movie, it turns out that after the huge popularity of the first season of American Idol, it was decided to make a movie starring the season one winner (Kelly Clarkson) and the runner-up (Justin Guarini) despite the fact that neither of them can act. To compensate for this fact, they cast a bunch of other people who can't act and gave them the most formulaic romantic comedy plot possible. That's From Justin to Kelly for you. 

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