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Episode 124 - Machete Kills and Pledge This

This week is our long-awaited Machete Kills and Pledge This show! First up, it is the very fun Machete Kills. When a madman threatens to launch a nuclear missile at Washington, there's only one man the president can count on; that man is, of course, Machete!

Then in the bottom 100 movie Paris Hilton becomes a 4 time bottom 100 award winner with the terrible comedy, Pledge This. It's much less fun than Machete Kills, that's for sure. 

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Episode 123 - Lookwell and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr

We are shaking things up this week by looking at pilots starring two of Trevor's favorite actors. First up, there's Lookwell. In this pilot Adam West playing a washed-up TV star that thinks because he played a cop that means he can help solve crimes. 

Then it's on to the pilot for The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. In this one, Bruce Campbell plays the titular Brisco County Jr, a bounty hunter out to finish the work his father started. This may seem like any other Western at first glance but it's got a surprising mix of comedy, action and even science fiction that make for a very fun series. 

Want to watch Lookwell yourself? Fortunately, you can find it on Youtube! Or just watch it right here:


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Episode 122 - Plan 9 From Outer Space and The Sinister Urge.mp3

Normally on the show we try to find those overlooked and under-appreciated films. However from time to time we also like to talk about So Bad, It's Good movies, and so we figured this would be a good time to talk about one of the pioneers of So Bad, It's Good movies, Mr. Ed Wood. 

With that in mind Trevor assembled a crack team of people who were willing to sit down and watch Ed Wood movies for an evening and this week's episode was born. 

Bad movie lovers, this one is for you. 

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Episode 121 - Ultrachrist!

When it comes to reaching the young people, it turns out that 2000 year old texts aren't really the best option. Jesus learns this when he makes his return to modern day earth in Ultrachrist! Fortunately, he soon realizes that the youth of the world love superheroes and Ultrachrist is born. However, it's not going to be all fish and loaves for our savior. Not only is his dad pretty opposed to the costumed superhero thing but he also has to deal with the foulest of evils, the New York Parks Commissioner!

Not enough righteous Jesus action for you? Why not check out our review of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter! Or you can watch the short film, Fist of Jesus! (warning: more than a little gore in that one). 

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