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Aloha! This week's it's island horror time so grab your swimsuit, your sunscreen and your murder! 

First, we visit scenic Ireland for Dorothy Mills. A psychologist investigates the actions of a mysterious girl who may have multiple personalities. Soon strange things start happening on the island which may have its own mysterious past!

Then, we are off to Pleasure Island, a resort run by washed up singer Coconut Pete (played by Bill Paxton). All would be great if the movie's title wasn't Club Dread. When staff members start turning up dead, it's up to the remaining staff to find the killer before its too late! Plus, this movie has human Pacman!


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Episode 144 - Student Bodies and Once Bitten

This week we are all about the early to mid-80s horror comedies. First up, it's Student Bodies, an early example of a slasher movie spoof. Students at Labam High keep dropping dead. Will Toby be able to track down the mysterious Breather before all her friends are dead? Or is she doomed from the start? Or maybe she's the killer? Who knows? 

Then we discuss Once Bitten. Mark (played by Jim Carrey in his very first starring role) is a ordinary high school student but he has been having intimacy issues with his girlfriend, Robin. When a vampire (known only as the Countess) sets her sights on Mark, Robin will have to defend her man through the ancient art of a dance-off. Oh, and there's some vampires biting people and such. 

All this plus a whole lots of tangents this week on our show!

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Episode 143 - It's Alive and Wicked LIttle Things

This week, we talk a look at the darker side of children. Oh, sure, they may be cute and vital to the continuation of our species, but what happens when they turn out a touch homicidal?

First up, it's 1974's It's Alive. Frank and Lenore are expecting a baby. But unfortunately for them, this baby has more than a few mutations and a tendency to kill when frightened. And it is a very easily frightened baby.

Then we talk about 2006's Wicked Little Things. When the Tunney family move in to the old family home, they soon learn that it is near an old mine. Said mine collapsed almost a hundred years ago killing its many child laborers. Now the old labor the dead children have on their minds is the labor of murder!

All that, and a bonus film on this week's episode of Failing Grade!

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Episode 142 - Reaper and Edge of Tomorrow

Don't you just hate it when one day you are going about your life and then you find out that your parents sold your soul to the devil before you were even conceived? That's the fate that befalls Sam Oliver in Reaper. But it's not all bad news; instead of toiling away in the pits of hell, he gets to be a bounty hunter collecting escaped souls. Plus he gets to hang out with Ray Wise (who plays Satan). Trevor and Gabbie fill you in on this show that you probably missed.

Then it's another edition of Failing Grade at the Movies as Trevor talks all about Edge of Tomorrow and why you should go see it while you still can.

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