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Episode 150 - Sharknado and Rise of the Zombies

This week we wrap up our Asylum month with a couple of Syfy original movies made by Asylum. First up, it's the movie that Asylum is perhaps best known for, Sharknado. When a hurricane causes major flooding in Los Angeles,sharks end up washed ashore by the storm. To make things even worse, tornadoes start picking up sharks! Does this movie live up to the hype? We find out.

Then we tackle Rise of the Zombies. A generic sounding title for a zombie movie, no doubt, but this movie stars both Danny Trejo and LeVar Burton so that alone should be enough for you to give the movie a chance. Does the movie end up deserving that chance? We find that out as well!

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Episode 149 - Sunday School Musical and Alone for Christmas

Our Asylum journey takes us into some very different territory this week as we look at a couple offerings for Asylum's meager Faith Films line.

First up, do you enjoy musicals set in school environments but find that High School Musical is a little too racy for your tastes? Well, then you will be pleased to know Asylum has you covered with Sunday School Musical. It's really more like Private Religious School Musical but that makes for a less catchy title. 

Next, remember Home Alone? Kid gets left behind while the family goes away on a vacation and is forced to fend of wacky robbers who have picked his house as their next target? In Alone for Christmas, we get to find out what happens if you replace the kid with a talking dog. Shockingly, the results are actually pretty watchable. 

Pro-tip: With its religious content, you can totally use listening to this week's episode as a replacement for going to church! What could be better? 

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Episode 148 - The Coed and the Zombie Stoner and Asteroid vs Earth

We are up to week 3 of our Asylum month and this week we have a very mis-matched combo of films to discuss. 

First, have you ever wondered what would happen if a zombie was really stoned pretty much all the time? Well, good news, there is a movie that will answer your question and we will be covering it in this week's episode. It's The Coed and the Zombie Stoner!

Then, it turns out there's yet another asteroid on a collision course with Earth. We can't deflect the asteroid so instead we decide we will just move the Earth instead. Seems impossible, you say? What if I told you that Tia Carrere and Tim Russ were on a hand to help out? Surely the science of Asteroid vs Earth can't be bad if they have Tuvok (spoiler alert: turns out the science can indeed be bad. Really bad). 

It may be an unusual combination of films, but it leads to a lot of interesting discussions so be sure to check out this week's show!

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Episode 147 - Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty

Are you feeling sleepy? Let's hope so because there's a whole lot of slumber in this week's films. We are continuing our Asylum month; this week Gabbie picked Maleficent and the assocaited Asylum mockbuster, Sleeping Beauty. Unlike most Sleeping Beauty adaptations, this one features ghouls, dragons, sea serpents and manual decapitation! Sounds like a good time to me!

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Episode 146 - Pacific Rim and Atlantic Rim

This week we kick off a month-long exploration of The Asylum. Arguably The Asylum is most known for its mockbusters (or tie-ins, as they like to call them) and its certainly the format that has launched them as a company so we start things off with a comparison of one of their tie-ins, along with the movie it is tying in to. If you have read the title, you have probably already guessed that means its going to be Pacific Rim squaring off against Atlantic Rim

How do these two films compare? Can a movie with a budget of $500,000 possibly hope to compete with a movie with a budget of $190,000,000? Which movie will have the more coherent plot? And will either or both films be worth your time? For the answer to these and many other questions, tune into this week's episode!

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