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Episode 167 - The Room and Flash Gordon

With New Year's Eve fast approaching, we decided to take a look at a couple of movies that are fun to watch at parties or in group settings. 

First up, after 167 episodes, we are finally covering Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece, The Room. On one level this is a fairly standard plot about a love triangle. On another level this is one of the strangest, most awful and most awesome films you will ever see. 

We then take a look at Flash Gordon. When the evil Emperor Ming threatens to destroy the earth, it's about to a football player, a travel agent and a mad scientist to put an end to his plot. Plus Timothy Dalton is there! This movie is a lot of fun and definitely worth a watch. 

So this New Year's Eve, while you and your friends are imbibing your beverage of choice, either one of these films would make a great addition to your party. 

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Episode 166 - Naughty and Nice Lists

This week, we thought we would take a look back at some of the films we have enjoyed (or suffered through) over the past year and make some recommendations for Santa's naughty and nice list.

What movies did Gabbie and Trevor love? What did they hate? What picks cause shock and horror? You'll have to listen to find out!

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Episode 165 - The Woman in Green and The Sign of Three

It's an all Sherlock Holmes week here at Failing Grade. First up, we take a look at 1945's The Woman in Green starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. A series of gruesome murders and missing fingers have left the police baffled and it's up to Sherlock to save the day. 

We then contrast that with a much more modern day approach to the character as we examine, "The Sign of Three," an episode of the BBC series Sherlock. John's getting married and Sherlock is tasked with giving a speech at the wedding. But obviously something more sinister is bound to turn up, sooner or later!

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Episode 164 - Eragon and Justice League of America

This week we are talking about some unsuccessful adaptations. First up, it's an unsuccessful adaptation of an apparently pretty terrible book series with Eragon. In this film, the titular Eragon finds a magic dragon egg and when the egg hatches he finds himself the proud papa of his very own dragon. But evil king John Malkovich isn't very happy about this!

Then we take a look at another unsuccessful adaptation, this time it's a bungled attempt at a live-action Justice League of America TV series from 1997. As sitcoms were all the rage back in the 90s, they thought it was a good idea to have Flash, Green Lantern, Atom and Fire all living together having wacky adventures amidst fighting dastardly villains. To really establish some high stakes, their foe for this failed pilot is none other than... The Weather Man!


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