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Episode 170 - Z Nation

This week Gabbie was a bit under the weather. That meant that the movies we were going to cover this week will be covered next week. On the bright side though, it meant that Trevor got a chance to talk about his favorite new show for 2014, Z Nation!

It's been three years since the zombie outbreak and most of civilization is gone, but a plucky group of survivors includes a man who has been injected with an experimental vaccine. If they can get this man across the country to a CDC center in California, they just might be able to vaccinate everyone. 

Of course, there are an awful lot of zombies between them and California, but they just might make it!

So join Trevor for this episode as he tells you all about why you should be watching Z Nation!

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Episode 169 - A Brony Tale and Birth of the Living Dead

We are in some different territory this week as we take a look at a couple documentaries surrounding pop culture phenomenons. First up, we take a look at the fandom that has grown up surrounding My Little Pony with A Brony Tale

Then we switch gears to look at a documentary on Night of the Living Dead with Birth of the Living Dead. The documentary delves into not only how the film was made but also the societal factors that were in play at the time and the impact the film had. Lots of interesting stuff here. 

So join us as we get our learning on!

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Episode 168 - Movie Buffet

This week, instead of limiting ourselves to talking about a couple movies, we are offering up a veritable buffet of films to choose from.

We touch on big budget releases like Hunger Games and The Maze Runner as well as cult classics like Big Trouble in Little China. We even touch on some more unusual fare such as Avalanche Sharks and the Magic Christmas Tree. 

It's pretty much one of those there's something for everyone situations. 

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