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Episode 179 - Toronto Comicon 2015 Recap
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Episode 178 - Wolfcop and A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Fear can do strange things to a person. This week we take a look at a couple examples of how that can happen in a horror comedy sort of way. 

First up, we have Wolfcop. When police officer Lou Garou is turned into a werewolf, he learns the benefits of actually doing his job. Plus the benefits that come from having werewolf powers. It's really a win/win other than the pesky cult in town that want to harvest his blood for nefarious purposes. 

In our second movie, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, Jack (Simon Pegg) researches a new book on serial killers. Unfortunately as a result, he now sees nefarious purposes in everything from a snooty waiter to a open window to a ringing telephone. However, if he wants to every get his book published, he will need to face his ultimate fear. And really, his day just gets worse from there. 

So sit back and have some laughs as we discuss these two films. 

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Episode 177 - The Happening and The Ruins

This week, we are all about the most terrifying threat known to mankind, shrubbery! Well, plants in general really. 

Have you ever asked yourself, "Self, what if plants decided that they had enough of mankind's messing with the planet. What would happen then?" Well, obviously seeing as plants are totally able to communicate with each other, and are totally able to synthesize deadly neuro-toxins whenever they feel like it, we'd be in a lot of trouble. At least that's the conclusion of our first film, The Happening

We then take a look at a much less silly film, The Ruins. When a group of Americans on a vacation decide to go off on an adventure with the random guy they just met, they end up stranded on an ancient Mayan pyramid where they have to deal with some not very friendly plant life. You may think that being attacked by a plant is a bit silly, but compared to the previous paragraph it's practically plausible! Plus, The Ruins has a lot in its favor that The Happening definitely does not have. 

Join us as we take a look at these strikingly different plant-based films. 

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Friday the 13th Part 5 - No Jasons Allowed

What would happen if they made a Friday the 13th movie and no Jason showed up? Well, you'd get most of the first Friday the 13th, but then you'd also get all of the fifth Friday the 13th.

Today we will be continuing our Friday the 13th discussion with a review of the fifth installment in the franchise. Are some cool kills and a new direction enough to overcome an unfocused story and a not-so-popular direction to take the story in? Listen in to find out!

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Episode 176 - We Are What We Are Times Two

This week on Failing Grade we are serving up a double-helping of cannibal goodness. First up, we talk about Somos lo que hay (or as its known for the subtitled English release, We are What We Are). In this Mexican film from 2010, a cannibal family is forced to carry on after the unexpected death of their father. 

Then for our second course, we take a look at the 2013 American remake of the film, We Are What We Are. In this film, a cannibal family is forced to carry on after the unexpected death of their mother. From the description, you might think its pretty similar to the Mexican original but the films are actually very different in a lot of ways. 

So put on your bibs and dig in to this week's episode!

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Episode 175 - Samurai Cop and Replicant

On this week's episode of Failing Grade, we are tackling the cult classic, Samurai Cop. When the deadly Katana gang is taking over, there's only one police officer with luxurious enough hair to stop them! This is one of those movies that has to be seen to be believed but we do our best to explain it. 

Then we move on to the 2001 film, Replicant. In this movie, Jean Claude Van Damme plays a deranged serial killer (are there any other kinds?) and Michael Rooker plays a police officer that has spent the last 3 years failing to catch him. Fortunately a mysterious government agency has a solution; they were able to recover some of the killer's blood so they used that to make a clone! Somehow this clone has genetic memory of the killings plus they re-sequenced his genes to make him partially telepathic somehow (science is not this film's strong point). It's up to Michael Rooker and Clone Van Damme to stop the killer before he strikes again. 

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