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Hiatus Episode 3 - Children of the Corn Boil

For our 3rd hiatus episode, I figured we could take a look at the 4 Children of the Corn films we have covered up to this point.


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Hiatus Episode 2 - Birdemic and Birdemic 2

You may have survived the first Birdemic and maybe you even managed to survive the second one, but can you survive them all over again? 

This week's episode asks that very question. 

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Hiatus Episode 1 - City of the Dead and Harper's Island

Just because there are no new episodes right now doesn't mean you cannot enjoy some previous segments. 

This week, we present a discussion on a couple of great pieces of horror for your enjoyment!

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Episode 183 - Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

It is with mixed emotions we bring you this episode. Failing Grade is not quite ending, but there isn't going to be any new episodes for a while. 

While we are somewhat shutting the door on Failing Grade, we are also opening up a new chapter as Trevor and Gabbie will be hosting a whole new podcast starting sometime in June. 

For this week though we thought we would leave you with some movie recommendations to tide you over while we are away. 

We would also like to thank those of you that have been on this journey with us. We've truly plumped the depths of cinema. In some cases we have found wondrous treasures; in other cases monstrous abominations. We hope you have enjoyed listening to our adventures as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you. 

During our hiatus, we will keep releasing episodes, however these will be in the form of the dreaded clip show. We shall see you in June with brand new content!

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Episode 182 - A Little Bit Zombie and Dead Before Dawn 3D

This week on the show we've got more zombie-themed Canadian horror-comedies than you can shake a stick at (assuming you are able to, at most shake a stick at one zombie-themed Canadian horror-comedy). 

First up, we talk about A Little Bit Zombie. Steven and his fiance go on a nice weekend in the woods with Steven's sister and her husband. Things are mostly going well until Steven is bitten by a zombie mosquito. Soon he's finds himself with a hankering for brains and some surprising new abilities! What will happen to the wedding now? 

Then we talk about Dead Before Dawn 3D. When Casper's grandfather (played by Christopher Lloyd!) is going out of town; unfortunately that means Casper is going to have to mind grandfather's occult shop. And when Casper and his friends accidentally break an evil urn, they end up unleashing a horrific curse that sees a horde of zombie-demons (or zemons as they prefer to be called) on their trail. Can they break the curse before sunrise? 

Join us this week as we chow down on this two fun horror-comedies servings. 

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Episode 181 - Life of Brian and God's Not Dead

This week we have a double-bill of biblical proportions! First up, we talk a look at the Monty Python classic, The Life of Brian. When Brian decides to  join the fight against Roman occupation, things spiral out of control very quickly. But on the bright side, there's a song at the end!

Our other movie also ends with a song, but this film is much less of a classic. It's God's Not Dead! When Josh Wheaton enrolls in mean old Kevin Sorbo's class, Professor Sorbo tries to make everyone write "God is Dead" on a piece of paper. But Josh isn't about to stand for that. Hilarity ensues! Oh, also anyone who isn't a Christian is either deluded or evil! It's fun!

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Episode 180 - Toronto Comicon 2015 Returns

Didn't get enough Comicon talk in last week's episode? Well good news because this week's episode we are talking about it some more. 

In this week's episode, discussion of the Amber Benson and Terry Farrell panels plus our review of Nick Fury: Agent of Shield!

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Episode 179 - Toronto Comicon 2015 Recap
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Episode 178 - Wolfcop and A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Fear can do strange things to a person. This week we take a look at a couple examples of how that can happen in a horror comedy sort of way. 

First up, we have Wolfcop. When police officer Lou Garou is turned into a werewolf, he learns the benefits of actually doing his job. Plus the benefits that come from having werewolf powers. It's really a win/win other than the pesky cult in town that want to harvest his blood for nefarious purposes. 

In our second movie, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, Jack (Simon Pegg) researches a new book on serial killers. Unfortunately as a result, he now sees nefarious purposes in everything from a snooty waiter to a open window to a ringing telephone. However, if he wants to every get his book published, he will need to face his ultimate fear. And really, his day just gets worse from there. 

So sit back and have some laughs as we discuss these two films. 

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Episode 177 - The Happening and The Ruins

This week, we are all about the most terrifying threat known to mankind, shrubbery! Well, plants in general really. 

Have you ever asked yourself, "Self, what if plants decided that they had enough of mankind's messing with the planet. What would happen then?" Well, obviously seeing as plants are totally able to communicate with each other, and are totally able to synthesize deadly neuro-toxins whenever they feel like it, we'd be in a lot of trouble. At least that's the conclusion of our first film, The Happening

We then take a look at a much less silly film, The Ruins. When a group of Americans on a vacation decide to go off on an adventure with the random guy they just met, they end up stranded on an ancient Mayan pyramid where they have to deal with some not very friendly plant life. You may think that being attacked by a plant is a bit silly, but compared to the previous paragraph it's practically plausible! Plus, The Ruins has a lot in its favor that The Happening definitely does not have. 

Join us as we take a look at these strikingly different plant-based films. 

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