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This week on the show, Trevor reviews Red Planet Mars and communicates with some Martians. Or does he? 

Also, Trevor has an excuse to talk about MST3K with Horror of Party Beach.

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This week on the show,  Trevor and Gabbie deal with the latest Zombie Apocalypse (seems like there's always another one just around the corner, doesn't it?).

And after they survive the onslaught of zombies, they face something truly horrific with number 99 on IMDB's bottom 100, Meet the Spartans

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What happens when a man and a vampire love each other very much? Why you get 2008's Bitten.

Also, this week Trevor embarks on journey that may well destroy the very fabric of the universe. 

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Trevor's got the podcast to himself this week. What will he do? What could he watch? Will it be his Last Resort?

I guess you will have to listen to the episode to find out!

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After being away for a few months for a variety of reasons (some good, some lazy), Gabbie and Trevor are finally back with a new episode.

In this particular episode, Gabbie and Trevor use the power of random selection to help guide their viewing choices. Will the movies they get be the true horror or are they in for some unexpected treats? Listen on to find out!

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Some delays in the editing process mean this episode went out a week late, but it's a longer than average episode so hopefully that helps make up for the wait. 

This week Trevor and Gabbie talk about Julie Taymor's adaptation of one of Shakespeare's most well-regarded plays, The Tempest. How does changing Prospero to Prospera impact the tale? What of Caliban? And is Ariel really a guy or not? All this and more will be discussed.

There's also some discussion of the Toronto zombie walk and Gabbie's wacky adventures therein. 

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This week on the show it's been a cold, windy, and rainy week in Toronto so Trevor's staying inside to watch Cabin Fever.  It's got a gaggle of teens going to a cabin in the woods AND a flesh-eating virus? What's not to love?

So keep being all confined to a single indoor location as you listen to Trevor's take on Cabin Fever. Also, there is some zombie discussion. 

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This week on the show we have a movie that combines everyone's favorite subjects: serial killers, zombie outbreaks, and truck-stop diners!

Join Trevor as he discusses the surprisingly effective horror comedy, DIEner. Also, there's some talk of long weekends and movie marathons in there as well. 

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For the second time on the show we deal with the menance of man-eating grizzly bears. Bear has far less rocket launchers and decapitated horses but it still might be worth checking out.

And even it's not, Cool as Ice is worth checking out if only to answer the question, "How come Vanilla Ice hasn't had a successful film career?"

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We are more than a little behind with this week's episode but we've got a really fun movie to talk about, 2007's Dark Rising

Also listen for special appearances from Luna (we tried to cut her out but she was quite chatty this week and there were a few meows that just couldn't be edited out). 

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