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Episode 04 - Maximum Overdrive

Stephen King promised he was going to "scare the hell out of you" with this one, but I don't think you have to worry about losing sleep over this one. It may not be scary but it's got Emilio Estevez, plenty of gore and a soundtrack from AC/DC so there's something for everyone to enjoy!*

*In this case, everyone means fans of one or more of the following: Emilio Estevez, the 80s, cheese, gore, and AC/DC. 

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Episode 03 - Grizzly

It's another solo week so I'm afraid you'll just have to "bear" with us. Fortunately, we've got the original kung-fu panda to keep you entertained. And yes, we know pandas aren't actually bears. 

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Let's face it, there's a lot of poorly made horror films out there. And the horror comedy genre in particular seems to contain a lot of dreck. For the first 75 minutes, Scream Bloody Murder falls smack dab in the middle of the dreck category. But then something magical happens...

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Episode 01 - Street Fighter

On their inaugaural episode, Gabbie and Trevor discuss the Van Damme best video game movie Raul Julia ever appeared in. Join them as they talk about the merits of this fun film (while heaping lots of scorn on Legend of Chun-Li in the process!)

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