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We're back for another round of Tales from the Crypt with "Fitting Punishment" and "The New Arrival." Our first episode, "Fitting Punishment" features a teenager being sent to live with his uncle, the world's stingiest funeral home director. Wacky hijinx ensue!

Then the second episode, "The New Arrival," has David Warner and Twiggy taking their radio psychology show on the road. They'll be paying a housecall to Zelda Rubenstein of Poltergeist fame to help deal with an unruly child. Given that this is Tales from the Crypt you won't be surprised to know that everything is not quite what it seems!

And for our bottom 100 movie, what if babies not only understood all languages and had their own secret language but they also had knowledge of the universe? A ridicioulsly terrible premise for a movie you say? What if I told you it also featured a somewhat prominent role for Christopher Lloyd? Sadly, not even Christopher Lloyd can save a premise this terrible. Do your best to endure the horror that is Baby Geniuses

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This week the Halloween season continues with two more episodes of Tales from the Crypt. One episode stars Lance Henriksen and the other is called Operation Friendship! It's a killer combination!

Then in the Bottom 100 movie, we try to recover from the ordeal that was Mitchell with 2007's Feel the Noise. Have you ever thought you had what it takes to become a reggaeton artist? Then this is the film for you!

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This week on the show, Trevor and Gabbie kick off a whole month of Tales from the Crypt episodes. For each week in October, they will be selecting two random episodes of Tales from the Crypt to discuss on the show. This week, that means they will be covering two season 6 episodes, The Bribe and In the Groove. The episodes feature lots of well-known faces: Terry O'Quinn, Esai Morales, Slash, Max Grodénchik and more. It'll be a scream!

There's even more screams in store for our bottom 100 film, Mitchell. Trevor and Gabbie often disagree on whether a movie belongs in the bottom 100 or not, but not even John Saxon was enough to save this dreck. To learn all about how Mitchell earns its spot on the bottom 100 list, check out this week's episode!

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So Trevor and Gabbie have cooked up a special treat for you this week. Or maybe they just were too lazy to actually watch any movies, who knows?

Instead of the usual movie and bottom 100 movie format, this week is dedicated to what makes a movie worth watching and what makes us want to claw our eyes out. It's not quite the usual fare, but we think you will enjoy it nonetheless. 

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It's Failing Grade's 50th episode! Trevor and Gabbie needed a gift to celebrate this momentous occasion so they figured they would make a trip to the Chopping Mall. This cheesy 80s horror flick has boobs, killbots and even an appearance from Dick Miller! What more could you want?

After that it's time to for a class in Bottom 100 films. This week we have Dr. Boll's 2005 film Alone in the Dark. It has none of the elements that Chopping Mall had. But it does have a bland story and confusing editing so that's something right?  

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It was the best of low-budget sci-fi films, it was the worst of low-budget sci-fi films. That's what is in store for Trevor this week. First up is the very funny and all-around awesome Canadian action sci-fi comedy Dark Rising 2: Summer Strikes Back

But then it's time for the uninspired, poorly made and flat out boring sci-fi film from the IMDB Bottom 100 list, Laserblast. It is much less fun.

So join Trevor as he goes on his epic science fiction journey. May the force (to endure Laserblast) be with you!

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Sometimes things that seem awesome today don't seem so awesome tomorrow. This week's episode highlights that fact as Gabbie and Trevor talk about one of Gabbie's favorite movies, Soul Survivors. Just how well does this tale of car accidents, ghosts, random cultists and strange visions hold up? If you aren't sure, you can just go back to the start of this paragraph.

Then for #76 on the bottom 100 list, we have a movie from 1991 starring the timeless artist, Vanilla Ice. That's right, it's Cool As Ice. The movie is every bit as terrible and as amazing as you might expect. 

We then close out a show taking a look back at our first 25 bottom 100 movies - which movies did we kinda like, what ones were the most fun and which ones made us want to gouge our eyes out with rusty spoons? Some of the answers may surprise you!

PS - Long time listeners may recall that Trevor already tackled Cool as Ice way back in episode 16. But new listeners may want to check that episode out after this one just to get a full picture of just how bizarre Cool as Ice really is.

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We are doing things a little differently this week. Instead of our usual underrated movie and bottom 100 movie format, this week's episode is devoted to an in-depth discussion of FanExpo Canada's 2012 event that took place from August 23rd through 26th.

The discussion includes Reviews on the Run, Lost Girl, Continuum, Frankenweenie, Kate Mulgrew, Norman Reedus, John Barrowman, John Carpenter, Christopher Lloyd, Billy West, some nifty items and a hell of a lot more! 

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This week, Trevor and Gabbie learn many important lessons from Beneath the Darkness: don't dig your own grave, don't assume the silhoutte in the window is a ghost (though they still aren't sure why anyone would do that in the first place), and never trust that creepy mortician - especially if he's being played by Dennis Quaid. 

Then it's off to the moors of Scotland for the bottom 100 film, Nine Lives, featuring the acting debut of one Paris Hilton. Will this be another case of a movie ending up in the bottom 100 because of an unpopular celebrity or does Nine Lives earn its place in the coveted list? Listen to this week's episode to find out!

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Have you ever wanted to be saved? By a crazed cult? With a knife? Well, then End of the Line is the film for you! This Canadian horror classic somehow has ended up at a 5.9 which means that it is now eligible to be covered on the show. 

Trevor and Gabbie will discuss this excellent film and detail the many reasons why you should own End of the Line

On the bottom 100 front, Trevor and Gabbie tackle number 78 on the bottom 100 list, aka Piñata: Survival Island starring both Nicholas Brendon and Garrett Wang (as well as lots of other people). What's worse than being trapped on a deserted island and being stalked by a maniacal killer? Being trapped on a deserted island and being stalked by a maniacal killer piñata!

For more, you'll have to listen to this week's show!

PS - After watching End of the Line, be sure to head over to IMDB and rate the movie. We should all do our part to get this movie back in to the sixes (It should be higher than that, but 6.x seems like a much more realistic goal).

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